Global vision about companies digital disruption

Every day we hear about « digital transformation », especially in business world, as if digital technology wasn’t already present, and did’nt already change the everyday life.

When they are questioned about digital uses development , 6 in 10 employees consider that their company is « for the same level » or « late » regard to those from the same sector.

How to move forward to this new state of things in a warned way?


Here are my main 5 key points to respect further digital intrusion in your company:

  • HR key role

HR have to seize digital process for their companies, subject have to stay at the heart of their responsibilities.
They have to avoid disparities in front of digital, which already exist, not to strengthen the employment polarization with on one side, collaborators without digital qualification about the company will don’t know how use, & on the other side digital self-trained experts whose will be big winners in the talents war that will be engaged between companies.

Whether it’s into the employees recruitment again, the choice of new collaborators or the training launch, HR service will have to make a set of thoughtful strategic decisions, without rushing to the first « dream seller ».

Thus compagnies transformation into this new competition state will not be made without informed & completely warned HR managers, on all the aspects which contains « digital disruption » terms. 

  •  Hierarchical disruption

digital disruption 2

By growing, companies built themselves on a pile of hierarchical strat to insure strategies elaboration, tasks planning, tasks declension by department, good execution control  & profits rise.

Now digital arrival, and its borders shaking, has train the raid of news compagny organizing way (of whom HR will have to naturally become aware and grow to this transition).

New incomers on labor market, those who grew up in the internet area and became used to it, are conscious of their value about digital control.
In 2014, Neelie Kroes, former European Commissioner in charge of digital society, dared to say that « absence of digital skills is a new shape of analphabetism. When I was a child, it was a question of learning to read and to write. Today, it’s necessary to learn, to examine internet & to program »

Important valuation of these new capacities pulls the raid of new companies models, propelled by young generations, but also by the fact that digital dismissal in a more « collaborative » than « hierarchical » model.

Each made master of these capacities at its pace, in autonomy, and according to his own aspiration. Possibility of « choosing » a domain while remaining informed of other trends is prominent, just like mutual aid in the learning of these values.

At the same time, current « mantra » is the one of  « fluid customer experience ». One more reason to abolish compagny hierarchy borders: we shall not work anymore in term of objectives but in term of customers needs.

  • Predictive analysis as marketing guide

Thanks to digital, new ways to serve optimally customer get free. In the front row of these search (or smart) intelligence.

digital disruption 3


About social media aspect, Radarly & Synthesio are market leaders. They will allow to set up your social media strategy, by reviewing upstream social web trends (by monitoring tools, benchmarking, influenceurs tracking…)


As for global web trends Captify, specialized in search intelligence, created 5 years ago in UK, leans on more than 20 billion searches analysis every month.

It builds intention or sense scenarios in the announcer briefing service:  » algorithms batteries include, classify and categorize users intentions. Seize for what people look on the Internet is fascinating. It allows to establish not intuitive connections: for example we found links between break vehicles drivers & dogs owners » specifies Vincent Pelillo, Captify FR managing director.

Notice thrown to automobile companies ! 🙂 


  • Branding role

Image which we give is always important on Internet platform. But today more and more. It’s necessary to tempt customer to know your brand. About this aim, first it’s essential to identify target population (Conexance service can help you) there for your business.

Following stage is to adapt, in your communication whole, image which you wish to give from your brand to people.


Whether it’s about brand culture, branded entertainement, journalism brand, satisfied brand, storytelling, story making, or User Generated Content ( UGC), 3 qualities are essential for your mark: creativity, generosity & boldness!


  • Social media management place

Social networks became inescapable whether it’s to insure simply company presence on Web, or to make marketing for it.

Social media management is across all platforms that you use, including your blog. Social media management also allows you to combine forces with marketing efforts & social networking so all of your efforts work together to accomplish your business goals.

digital disruption 4

By making your company a part of conversation and keeping updated on what is happening, you not only build your expertise and credibility, you also help build your company’s positive image. You also can do damage control quickly, when it happens by responding to complaints. In addition, social media can help you expose potential customers to your more active marketing programs.

You also need to be checking Twitter and Facebook for conversations that mention your company as well as checking Google Alert to find out if your company is being discussed on the web. You also must monitor and interact with the community on sites like LinkedIn, and then there are the pictures for visual social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

The bottom line is that you simply can’t do without social media management if you want to get the most from your social networking.