Web & mobile advertising: situation, perspectives

Digital world goes faster and faster. Announcers have to comply with trends & changes… 

Today … 

It’s every announcers biggest dream: manage to find the most competent media agency, to create an explosive advertising campaign.

Digital represents 30 % of the mix-media, that market becomes inescapable.

At the heart of these devices distribution, we can notice clear progress of searching (by keywords) and display (on mobile specifically, via social networks & video channel). 

Web & mobile ads

Digital devices progression


It’s necessary to know that you can acquire display ads by 2 ways: directly with ads seller agencies, or on marketplaces (as the stock exchange but version « large display advertisement »), it’s what we call programmatics & today it represent half of investments.
We say that to make good display campaign it’s necessary to find spine balance between programmatics and classic display, as well as good communication between state control and announcer, which is often neglected & can bring to incomprehensions according to ad campaign beginning.

Digital disrupt standard budgets headings which existed previously, however we can always distinguish 5 media functions:

  • Influence media = public traditional relations
  •  Mass media = create fame
  •  Press media = generate traffic on sale point  
  •  In store media = serve to increase sales
  • Services media = develop customer satisfaction

All these functions, serves 3 brand’s ads objectives: fame (= distribution), commitment (= reactivity), performance (= conversion);

For all these objectives, it’s necessary to define, upstream to the campaign, very precise & various KPi (measuring for example attention, conversion)
Conveniently, to measure ad campaign impact on site traffic, agencies has 3 tools types:

  • Adserving tools: to parametrize ads, manage broadcastings …
  • Tracking tools: to measure distribution rate, number of clicks …
  •  « Site centric » tools: to measure ads impact on the site (origin, quality, quantity)


Web & mobile ads

Measure tools


Eulerian is a useful tool in measures package. He allows, among others, to know all ads exposures before conversion act. 
Mediametrie nettracking is also essential to inquire trends into your business sector

… And for months to come?

Announcer would go more & more towards an « POE » approach: Paid/Owned/Earned in which the message, once broadcasted, would been increasingly less mastered and controllable.

Web & mobile ads


Brands would have to be capable to set a custom message, through DCO approach: « Dynamic Creative Optimisation ».
To incorporate these dynamics, some new ads sizes are rapidly growing:

  • Native advertising: he promotes brand content integration at the heart of a more important editorial contents (advertorial, sponsored links on social networks, announcements integrated into thread of current events FB…)

    Web & mobile ads

    Classic VS Native advertising


  • VPAID « Video Player Ad Interface service » : Videos which with internet user can interact

In any case, responsive size will be essential …!

As said fox into « Le Petit Prince » book « We know only things which we tame », if I had to learn something, I would say that digital is a world which becomes accustomed day by day!

Vocabulary point:

  1. GRP  » Gross Rating Point « : index of ads pressure allowing to compare Web with other media, confronts the formula: cover rate X average repetition
  2. Capping: display number limitation to avoid repetition with the same visitor
  3. Retargeting: towards a site, keywords or a creation
  4. Coverage: part of the targets population exposed at least once to the ad