Transmedia : From Street to Web

The « Paris 13e Tower » example : 

A transmedia experience based on street art.

A building of Paris 13E was intended to be erased. Before deadline happened hundreds of artists have taken possession of the place and have produced piece of works, from ground to celling.
The strength of «Paris 13e Tower » project was the symbiosis between the location and the hosted pieces of work. Both were called to disappear from the real world.

Web will enable to save these ephemeral pieces of work.

During seven months, a hundred street-art artists coming from eighteen different countries have occupied the 4,500 m² indoor arena from floor to ceiling (11 floors, 34 apartments). This was the biggest street-art experiment ever made in France.

Paris 13 Tower

Paris 13e Tower

Transmedia is a way of telling a story whose sequences will be followed on different media, off or online (website, mobile applications). It’s a collaboration between a place – artists – and an audience.

Transmedia allowed to engrave the urban art on the web.

Most important social networks have been concerned by this event: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, google + … Over a period of 30 days, the hashtag # TourParis13 has been more than 4700 times with a peak on the public opening day.

A website dedicated to « Tour Paris 13e » allows to discover the artists and see them at work, through photos, videos, texts and audio recordings. This fund is enriched with the photographic contributions of Internet users. Web users are called to testify and virtually save the works pixel by pixel.



Paris 13e Tower

The transmedia device remodels the notion of cultural event, placing the viewer at the centre of the device. He then becomes its curator, its custodian. It is a key event in the Art history. Statement from Michel Serres takes on its full meaning: « it is a cultural revolution ».

Two worlds evolve simultaneously. The virtual serving the ephemeral. Transmedia engraves urban art over the web. The power of social networks acts as a « sounding board » for the various messages sent by these street artists, with a much wider audience.

At the end, 25,000 visits recorded at the tower within the 10 days before it got erased. Some people were ready to queue nearly 10 hours to see the pieces of work before their destruction.

Caroline Pennelle