Top 5 to do before release mobile app

Market research, visuals, schedule, zoning … We all know the steps before website launch.

But mobile world is largely different, and you have to consider some precise point before diving into the big bath. 

Overview of top 10 essentials mobile app strategy :

  • Thinking about ASO (App Store Optimization):

It’s SEO mobile brother, with specificities. Build an app is really like bring a website, the appstore form represent platform where work about ASO. Google will estimate differently work on ASO on ITune or Google Play: assessment criterias gonna be different. For example number of active users will be looked on IOS while on android desinstallation rate could play adversely.

  • ASO difference between IOS and AndroidDon’t forget SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Today, it’s inescapable to take out social networks into a marketing mobile strategy; with a good schedule you can easily target your aims, depending on your goals. When you’re gonna launch the app, you can also program download campaigns to acquire users quickly, then make them discover your service.

  • Create a showcase website in line with the app

Be present on play stores it’s something, but it’s better if you also build a showcase website in relation with your app production. Firstly, it gonna boost your netlinking grad, which contribute to your ASO ranking; secondly, if you generate sponsored ads campaign, you’re gonna have a platform towards you’ll repeat users to download your application, and it will not be the app even.

  • Put forward performances & ROI

Something important if you want to improve your app marketing level : measure. Measure KPi, ROI, all that you want, but test your performances and learn what are the most touched targets. To realize it, Localytics & Firebase  will be your best supports.

  • Never get past UI design 

Different from its cousin UX design (most based on users feelings), UI design intervenes in app visual aspect, to get user attention and make sure that he doesn’t leave a page hardly arrived above. UI, or user interface, is here to facilitates user browsing. It’s really important to thinking about that and test, because a main part of app users connect by mobil channel today. For example I had recently work for « Le vrai site« , about lead acquisition campaigns, KPi was impressive : more than 80% people connected by mobile …

The growth of this powerful channel doesn’t stop there. For years to come we speak no more about « mobile first » but about « mobile only ». Case to be followed …