They Call It The Anti-Instagram Platform !

BeReal, where “Your Friends are real”, was created by Alexis Barreyat in 2020. It offers a new approach to online interactions and challenges traditional social media platforms. Its unique and authentic approach is based solely on a 100% organic user base. Its founder announced on Linkedin that BeReal was “in the top 10 French social charts without spending a single dollar in marketing & acquisition”, and is slowly but surely gaining popularity.

According to Le Parisien, “Word of mouth does it all !” and  “each new user is promoting the app by getting new friends to join. And it works !.” Let’s dive into the world of BeReal to understand all this craze.

BeReal. Your Friends for Real.
BeReal Logo, Source:

How does it work ?

The idea is simple! an alert is delivered every day at a random time. Each user has two minutes to photograph what is in front of him. The front camera also activates when the snap is taken, so you end up with two photos.

If the images do not suit you, you can refuse to take them. Furthermore, if you do not have access to your phone at the time of the alert, you can still submit your photos with a “late BeReal” message.

Once the photograph is published, you can access the content of your subscriptions and react by liking or commenting with « RealMojis ».

What is interesting is that everyone is an actor of the moment and must really play the game, and in order to access the pictures of his contacts, it is necessary, first, to have your photos published.

After 24 hours, the posts disappear, and everything can start again.

Will it keep trending ? an honest review.

Being a recent user of BeReal, I really do not believe this app will last long. I was very excited when I first downloaded it and found it entertaining. However, after some time, I totally lost interest and ended up deleting it. In the beginning, It was truly refreshing to experience a new way of interacting online. An authentic one, where no filters are used. However, as funny as it could be, the concept is repetitive, and doing the same thing every day bored me.

The CEO announced that new features are coming up, and maybe then I will reconsider re-downloading it. But for now, I don’t feel like putting a lot of energy into sharing my true self online.