« Sleep tech », digital can help you to sleep better


There are few studies which demonstrate or assert us that screens and their daily use, which goes later in the evening, are bad for sleep quality.

Big world mistress to become, technology should mitigate its own errors, and it’s going to allow us to sleep better. Thus, screens addiction shouldn’t be any more a fate!

Let me give you 5 digital innovations which can help to sleep better:



You love your half, his only flaw: snores enormously … You like your new flat, but train line’s 30 meters behind…

The nightingale , nightingale of your nights is solution to mitigate noise pollutions.

Finalized by MIT experts, two small connected devices on your sockets room will spread a  » sound blankets  » adapted to your sleep conditions & room acoustics. You can check your remote device, via a smartphone, PC or tablet app.
Nightingale is also a smart home sleep solution, that through IFTTT, can interact with other smart home devices, for example Amazon Echo, to make your life more comfortable, convenient, and efficient.

A first good night’s sleep solution, wherever you sleep.



French start-up Sensorwake, which had already marketed an alarm clock emitting fragrances which helped you to wake up easy, brought out recently the inverse product: a sort of fragrance dispenser which helps us to fall asleep.

This night table companion, called Oria, looks like a small air humidifier, & releases successively two aromas waves: the first one « relaxed » (rose, peach and pear with talc & musk notes), the second « restore » (fresh linen with soap notes & sandalwood) supposed to maintain in your lethargy.

  • If you can’t refrain from moving during your sleep, you badly support sleep on the back, even you are a third party population member which snores?

American Sleepnumber, connected nights master, throws an intelligent bed which will auto-fit throughout the night according to your behavior. For example if you are cold in feet, mattress temperature will be increased.

Sleep smarter, sleep better!

  • If your nightie & pajamas aren’t anymore in your tastes, summer approaches tempts you to put back you to sport and optimize your performances, Under Armor brand has the solution! Night garments connected, conceived to optimize sportsmen/women recovery.

The range, called UA athlete Recovery Sleepwear, pulls is secret from print inside of the Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, which leverages the power of Far Infrared. Far Infrared is a type of energy on the infrared spectrum that has several benefits for the human body. Our goal was to harness it even when you’re resting. The soft bioceramic print on the inside of the garment absorbs the body’s natural heat and reflects Far Infrared back to the skin. This helps your body recover faster, promotes better sleep, reduces inflammation, and regulates cell metabolism.


  • Finally if it’s your young children who perturb your nights nothing better than Lully !

It’s a small vibrator which you place under your child’s mattress, connected with an app.

Thanks to a predictive algoriLullythm which permit to determine periods when nightmares risk is the most important, children are partially woken by a simple vibration before the event doesn’t occur. Thus, their sleep aren’t disrupted (and yours either).
Before putting vibrator in functioning, you will have to answer 4 questions concerning your child sleep. Your answers will allow to create predictive algorithm.

When Lully’s sensor detects that your child enters in sound sleep phase, when nightmares are the most susceptible to appear, he vibrates during 3 minutes. Stanford academics realized that a vibration with regular, corresponding interval in 10 times of a smartphone, had calming effect for children during a potential period of nightmare.
In the morning, after a complete night of sleep, you’ll just have to consult sleep habits & progress of your child on the app.
Good night!

Good night


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