Smart clothes : the future of wearables !

I am sure most of you have one of those smart watches or fitness trackers which became very trendy during the latest years. Now companies are focusing more and more on « smart clothes » which is the future of wearables technology. There are different application areas like biometric shirts or bras which can track your heart rate and monitor your emotions, baby clothes which keeps you connected to your baby at all times no matter where you are or even smart bikinis which tells you when you have to reapply your sunscreen ! Of course the application areas of smart clothes are evolving very fast. These are just some examples that I have picked up for you.

Xenoma E-Skin


Gaming : e-skin apparel as an input controller for gaming and VR expériences

Fitness : e-skin apparel as a personal coach for monitoring and improving form

Healthcare : e-skin apparel to monitor body movement, posture and respiration

Durability & Wearability : Machine-washable, highly durable and as comfortable to wear as a typical shirt

Xenoma’s e-skin is the next generation wearable interface enabling camera-free motion capture and tracking in apparel which are as comfortable to wear as a typical shirt.

E-skin monitors fitness and health when you move. This smart shirt was created by Xenoma, which is a spin-off from the University of Tokyo. There is a battery, micro-computer and motion sensor that are all connected. The 14 sensors on the shirt measure temperature, blood oxygen and more. The company claims it’s comfortable to workout in despite all of the sensors. The data is sent via bluetooth to your phone.

Nadi X yoga pants

The ones who have tried yoga once in their lives like me know very well how hard it is to keep yoga pose in the proper form. Now thanks to NADI X ; a smart yoga pant by Wearable X, a fashion tech company that brings together design and technology ; you just connect to the mobile app and your pants will do the work !

Nadi X has woven-in technology with sensors around the hips, knees, and ankles that provide gentle vibrations for easier yoga. Vibrations will increase in frequency and intensity to help direct the body to make certain movements.

Mimo Sleep and activity trackers

Parents, especially mothers like me, are always worried about their babies comfort and health during their sleep because we have heard many bad expériences. Untill today we were using baby phones to survey our babies. With the evolution of wearable technology, not only in the fitness and activity tracking but also in the baby monitoring, no more worries !

Designed for today’s new parents, the Mimo keeps you connected to your baby no matter where you are – whether you’re across the room or across the world. Available on iOS and Android, the Mimo app gives you insight about your baby’s sleep quality, sleep activity, respiration, body position, and skin temperature. When you’re not looking at the app, you’ll be kept notified of changes in your baby’s activity – including irregular breathing, wake-ups, and roll-overs – through custom alerts, delivered right to your smart device. Mimo smart baby monitor is suitable for babies from birth to 18 months old. The Mimo is comprised of two parts, a stretchy, washable cotton onesie fitted with two breathing sensors, a removable movement sensor and a charging station that streams valuable data like respiration patterns, sleep activity, skin temperature and body position straight to your iOS or Android device.

Spinali Design Smart Bikini

I know, it’s not summer yet but while doing my research for our blog , this concept of smart bikini took my attention and wanted to share with you. Isn’t it great that if your swimsuit tells you when you have to reapply sunscreen ?  Yes, with the Neviano Swimsuits launched by Spinali Design, a company creating connected clothing including jeans, dresses and bikinis, now its possible.

The Neviano UV Protect swimsuit collection is equipped with a removable medallion-style waterproof sensor that aims to prevent you from staying too long in the sun. Once you’ve entered your skin type in the companion iOS or Android smartphone app, it’ll continuously monitor the temperature throughout the day and will send out warnings when it’s time to apply some more sunscreen or get into the shade. The application integrates the function « Valentine » that alerts your partner that he/she must give you sunscreen at a certain time !

If you are interested they have a wide range of swimsuits for women, man and kids from 01 to 06 (from the most covering to the least covering), which combines design, sensuality, innovation and technology.

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