When digital marketing Queen find her ROI king

I’ve already adressed the massive disruption that digital represent for companies. We know how much various services department are impacted and have to adapt themselves with regular training, allowing a faster work.

And what about marketing needs ? What customers ask for nowadays? What announcers expect from us, digital experts? Trends change drastically, and will still evolve during upcoming years … Overview

 Analytics intrusion

New marketing levers allow to reach more quickly the information, select more qualitative news, thus help business to figure out the important issues. Analytics tools like Google AnalyticsFirebaseLocalytics or social network internals, allow to measure & optimize strategies.

New plan & tools upset few years ago established order into marketing agencies world: some more creative, others strategies & advice. Today you can discover agencies centered on performance, new chap, new ways to developing your project & satisfy your goals.

Marketing Performance pyramid

These new ways of working are changing everything: measure more exactly, optimize and report back to the client the real customer ROI (marketing spent VS revenu precisely), but also a significant number of analytics analyzed to satisfy aims fixed from the beginning.

Ageny clients request transformation : ROI recognition

To face this change of paradigms, clients publishers request new approch: yes it’s always necessary to make beautiful creations, great sites, but today we can measure ads performances, communities attention, most viewed subjects, most product best seller, conversion funnel…. then why not take advantage of it?

Festival Big Bang

I worked recently for Big Bang Festival, air and space festival organized by Saint-Médard-en- Jalles. My customer was an administration, so we could think that performances, KPi & ROI questions weren’t them first concerns… well actually it was ! They chose us specifically because we were capable of supplying with daily reports with accurate data allowing them to optimize.

At the end of the mission, they were able to rely on precise data which will be useful for next year festival.

All this data & technical points might be tough to understand inexperience marketing people, however learning output will be for sure very interesting to the relevant people.


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