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AWS, did you already heard about it ?

For most of the people, Amazon is known for their position as online retailer.  Ebooks, sneakers, or exclusive products from overseas, you’ll get everything on Amazon ! However, Amazon is not only a retailer, it is also a solution provider. Especially in web services and these services are called : Amazon Web Services or AWS.

So, what is it ?

According to their website, the AWS : « provides a broad set of products and services you can use (…) to run sophisticated and scalable applications. Running your applications in the AWS Cloud can help you move faster, operate more securely, and save substantial costs; all while benefitting from the scale and performance of the cloud ».

What does it mean ?

Available for companies, AWS offers you a range of tools such as : Cloud storage , web hosting services, building your own app and so much more..  All of these tools are here to expand your business without spending a lot of money into campaigns, applications or tools. Thanks to big data, now you can get everything to build your successful business just with a click.

AWS Amazon

Amazon is amazing, right ?

Well, yes ! What is really amazing is that everything is done into the Amazon Cloud.

Ok, cool.. No, AWESOME ! Why?


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Cloud Computing – Working without borders

Firstly, because it means that you get access to thousands and thousands ressources from all users of the Cloud to build your project.  Moreover, you can become the partner of someone you’ve never seen. As well as you can contribute to other projects. That is amazing !

This is what we called Cloud Computing : « C.C referred to  (…) “the cloud,” as the delivery of on-demand computing resources — everything from applications to data centers — over the internet on a pay-for-use basis ».

In this context, January 9th, I was very lucky, no.. I should say that I was blessed !

So January, 9th, I was blessed to meet : THE Julien Simon, the Principal AI/ML Evangelist from Amazon. Julien Simon exposed few of the latest AWS updates, and especially about topics I really love which are #ArtificalIntelligence and #Machinelearning .


Julien Simon - AWS Evangelist Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Julien Simon – AWS Evangelist

AI / ML Evangelist, What’s that ??!!

According to the word which has a religious meaning, an Evangelist is « a person who travels from place to place in order to try to convert people to Christianity » using the gospels (or évangiles in french).

Following the same definition, Mr Simon as AI /ML *  Evangelist travels from country to another to promote, raise awareness about AI and ML solutions (made by AWS). These promotional sessions targets people that could become partners, clients. He’s also working with developers and architects from all around the world.


What these sessions are look like ?

For Amazon, AWS masterclass looks like shows.. If you already heard about  TED Show : a lot’s of people attended, an awesome place with a giant screen  and projections, really qualified speakers… You can clearly imagine how AWS masterclasses can be. As a result of enthusiasm from their audience,  Jeff Bezos‘s brand created the #AWSomeDay  : Hours of demos, Speakers sharing their knowledges, discuss about what’s is happening into the market, giving latest updates etc. If you are part of the AWS network as partner, this monthly meeting became like a #MustGo . Let’s see how it looks like :


Thanks you 🙂

Last things before the end of this Part 1,

Being an evangelist isn’t something easy. As brand ambassador, you have to represent the brand by it’s spirit, way to work etc. Due to promotional campaigns, travels are required so you have to fit to every situation and be flexible. On top of that, you have to stay #IRL : enjoying time with your family, friends .. And I am sure that it can be hard sometimes !

So thanks you : Julien Simon, Ian Massingham, Adrian Hornsby and all the AWS Evangelist Community for being so kind by sharing AWS work with so much passion !


Please enjoy this 56′ sec video about the last AWS Summit in Paris (2017).


That’s the end of the part 1.


Into the Part 2 of  « AWS Updates by Julien Simon »:

During a smaller meeting,  I had the opportunity to discover during 2 hours how these tools could enhance your business strategies and make them more powerful. Into the Part2, I will focused the article on the following Machine Learning Services  :


February 20th, So stay tuned !



Ressources :

  • AI : Artificial Intelligence / ML : Machine Learning
  • Definition of cloud computing from IBM
  • If you want to learn more about Julien Simon , please do : His aws page  / His Medium page

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