Architects or Metarchitects

Metaverse architects

This is how it all started. First, we lived in nature, caves more precisely. Then, we moved to a built environment”. In this case, the residents were the builders. With time, our needs changed. What was once a shelter got bigger and housed a new way of life: some necessities disappeared, some changed and others were created. Later in time, things became complex. That’s when architecture was born.

People used to race to build the most beautiful house, the biggest company, the highest tower… and architects were there to fill this need. Today it is still the case, but it is shifting gradually to a new world: the Metaverse. Companies are rushing to implement platforms to host this world and people are all in to secure themselves a place on these platforms. However, the question is what roles do architects play in shaping this digital universe?

As part of my MBA DMB program, I will defend a thesis that tackles Architecture in the digital era. In this article, I will develop on the possible future of architects in and out the Metaverse, and I invite you to read the rest of it on the following link.