Fiche de lecture : How to Get Rid Of Social Media Addiction: The Symptoms And Way Forward In 30 Proven Steps by Anthea Peries.

As I was looking for information on how social media can affect our mental health, I came across this book online :

This book written by Anthea Peries and published on July 02, 2021, tackles the matter of social media addiction and how to overcome this addiction.

Before going into details about the book, let’s talk about its author.

As I said before the book was written by Anthea Peries who is a published author, she completed her undergraduate studies in several branches of the sciences including Biology, Neurology, Brain and Behavior and Child Development. A former graduate member of the British Psychological Society, she has experience in counselling and is a former senior management executive. Born in London, Anthea enjoys fine cuisine, writing, and has travelled the world.

The reason she decided to write this book about the addiction to social media is by seeing how many of her relatives could not stay away from checking their phones and their social media accounts around other people.

This brought us to quick summary of the book:

You know how you cannot stay away from that social media buzz for too long, right?

Checking your phone every so often on what’s trending or streaming?
Quickly breezing through for anything eye-popping, perhaps a video?
Taking a sneaky peep at someone’s latest post, the latest game, a reality celeb’s profile or, the latest gossip news headline?
Getting involved in a heated debate in a forum?
You haven’t slept much or even spoken to anyone in your family for hours, days, due to spending time on social media?
You could be suffering from FOMO, fear of missing out?

First the author recognizes that beating social media addiction is not something that can happen overnight, it requires a reevaluation of your digital-life balance and that is something personal.

However, she does give advice on how to overcome this addiction, not only to young adults but those advice are also valid when it comes to children on how to protect them from cyberbullying.

The books in general as I said addresses common questions about social media addiction, it tackles the pros and cons of social media, its shadowy dangers.

Also, on how to protect kids from cyberbullying, trolls and stalking, and the deeper link between social media and depression, anxiety, and loneliness and of course the impact on our relationships with others?

In this book you will also discover numerous proven ways on how to curb or quit social media and acquires fresh alternatives to social media and even more.Take charge and get your life back? it also provides tips on how to have control over your use of social media and take charge on what you post, like and get your life back.

One important point is that this book or this guidebook is for anyone, it is easy to understand and is an ideal reference for parents with kids, teens, and adults in general; men and women.

What I liked about this book is that it doesn’t say that people should not be using social media, it highlights the pros and cons and how to properly use social media in your advantage.

As we all know, we live in world where social media is an important tool to stay in touch with others, get information (attention fake news) etc…

However, the issue with social media comes to how people use it, how it can be easily addictive, with tiktok for example where people often admit staying for hours without even noticing. 

And the book gives many advice on how to not fall into addiction to social media or how to quit or take a break if you already feel like you addicted to it.

The book can be read by section in any order or sequentially, which is a good thing for people who don’t enjoy reading. And what I love about it the most is the fact that it can be used as a reference and makes a great gift.

If you recognized yourself or someone you know in this article, maybe it’s time to check out this book.