Randomly started watching the series “Upload” by Greg Daniels and got surprised by the science fiction side that projects a not totally impossible future: The human Mind upload.

What the Series “UPLOAD” is about?

The series takes us to 2033 where humans can upload themselves into a “virtual afterlife” of their choosing. Imagining, at the time of death, that the consumer’s consciousness and unconscious are digitized and stored. It is then up to the provider of access to the afterlife platform to make an avatar who will behave, react, and think based on real life data.

So, upload what Exactly?

The human brain contains, on average, about 86 billion neurons, each individually linked to other neurons by way of connectors.

Neuroscientists have stated that important functions performed by the mind, such as learning, memory, and consciousness, are due to purely physical and electrochemical processes in the brain and are governed by applicable laws.

“Consciousness is part of the natural world. It depends, we believe, only on mathematics and logic and on the imperfectly known laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. It does not arise from some magical or otherworldly quality.” Christof Kochneuroscientist

The concept of mind uploading is based on this mechanistic view of the mind. The transferred and reanimated information would become a form of artificial intelligence.

What about human acceptability to mind upload?

The day may come where we will be able to digitally scan our entire consciousness. thoughts, behaviors, memories… into computers but would we accept to share our intimacy and privacy with scientists and trust the process while we do get suspicious even with uploading our photos or share our personal data on the cloud fearing uncontrolled usage?

Digital world can indeed be intrusive but only if we chose to give the right to digital platforms to take control on our lives.

Food for thoughts.