Meet BeReal, your new marketing BFF

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Meet BeReal, your new marketing bff.

BeReal is The most trending app right now in Gen Z’s demographic.

If you’re not already on BeReal, what are you doing?

BeReal is THE most trending app right now in Gen Z’s demographic. So if they are your target and you are not on it, what the hell are you doing? With 10 million daily active users and an impressive rate of +29200% (no it's not a typo) user increase in the last 12 months, BeReal has been the hot topic these last couple of weeks. While BeReal doesn’t really have an algorithm that pushes content based on user behavior like TikTok and Instagram, it still has a lot to offer if you can use it wisely and it’s exactly what you will learn.

How does BeReal work?

Once a day at a random time, users receive a notification saying "Time to BeReal". From there starts a countdown during which they get to take one picture from their front camera, and one of their back camera simultaneously. The goal is to share a moment, a genuine and authentic one, neither staged nor edited.Although there is no "like" feature on BeReal, friends can interact by either commenting or leaving a little selfie under the BeReal called a RealMoji. BeReal has no following/follower feature. Instead it scans your contact list and allows you to add people via phone number or shared connexion. So it's only people you know in real life. So in short, this app has no follower feature, no likes, no editing, no endless content and it creates a stress free environment, far from Instagram's FOMO effect that has contributed to millions of people's anxiety. BeReal puts the "social" back into social media.

Are you considering BeReal for your brand?

A couple of things you should know.

First, BeReal is supposed to be an escape from branded content. Users do not want to see any kind of branding on this app. It is the one media space that is safe from ads. But it doesn't mean you can't do it well (just do it at your own risk knowing that you could potentially ruin yet another platform for us). Chipotle was one of the first brands to join the app. Using the discover feature, they shared discount codes in the most unpolished fashion (ngl i kinda like it). It is a good tactic knowing that Gen Z consumers demand humor, self-deprecation, and engagement from brands. Chipotle is successful on BeReal because its content feels native to the platform. And that is what you must aim for. No design, no staging, just 100% authenticity.

Key elements you should know before getting started on BeReal:

Prioritize you audience. Do they want to see you on BeReal? Is it the right platform for your brand?

Would you engage? Your strategy should never be to post content just for the sake of it. Instead ask yourself if you, as a user, would interact with it. Ask yourself if it is of interest and feels like native content.

Create meaningful partnerships Brands struggle a lot with building genuine relationships with their ambassadors. They ultimately end up creating content that neither feels real nor authentic.

How do you leverage an audience for BeReal?

Here is the strategy i would use for, let's say, a clothing brand:

Make it exclusive Share an Instagram post and story with a screenshot of your new BeReal account, tell your followers the post will only be up for 24 hours. In parallel, send invitations to ambassadors of your choice for them to be in your friend list so there is an appeal for being in your circle.

Share coupons like Chipotle It's a great way to add an additional interest.

Be real Let your social media manager share their work environment, selfies of them in their pajamas working from home, their meals, their outfits, whatever it is. And do not forget to engage with your friend circle. It's an open conversation you want to have. Forget about the status.

So what do we think?

I personally think that the main thing that should catch your attention is that on BeReal you do not have followers but friends. If you are going to invest this platform, your main goal should be to make your audience feel like you are their friend, and vice versa. Just know that it is a double sided sword and that Gen Z hate tacky marketing tactics. They will simply pass or even delete the app the second it starts to be filled with Instagram like content. And they might end up hating your brand for trying to invade their safe space. So yes there is an opportunity for brands on BeReal. But with great opportunities comes great risks. Take them at your own will. Lenny xx