AR to learning foreign languages

Have you ever wondered why youngsters or adults wasted so much time playing games on their smart phone? If there’s a limit, I do not see any problem with, but I must confess that as a language lover, I’d much rather seeing them learning a new language in best interactive way possible than pretending to be the best killer ever.

I am an early adapter, if it comes out today, tomorrow I am queuing up to get it. I meant new technology no the #iphones anymore.  I remember the first time I used a VR glass on a plane. Oh boy, there wasn’t any single flight attendant that did not want to try it on. The experience of 3D combined with augmented reality plus the natural airline turbulence made all a unique experience on its own. Now, imagine all of that while learning a new language! Well, that is what #mondly just did.

It has been said far many times that learning a new language is equal to better job opportunities, getting exposed to diverse cultures, and having a better appreciation of how life works; such are the benefits of teaching your kids new languages now rest assured that Mondly can give your kids a head start.

Mondly introduces MondlyAR, the first language learning app powered by augmented reality and chatbots with speech recognition.

MondlyAR offers virtual lessons and purposeful conversations in seven languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, American and British English). Throughout the experience, a virtual teacher carries humanlike conversations with the user, processes spoken language, offers instant feedback and replies with a human voice.

To make students more likely to understand and retain what they are taught, Mondly presents virtual planets, animals, musical instruments, and more. For a more immersive feeling, Mondly allows learners to walk up to, around and even interact with these virtual creations.

Mondly collaborated closely with Google to build the augmented reality experience with ARCore putting Mondly at the forefront of innovation in augmented reality.

« Children are extremely different from adults when it comes to learning languages. They are tech-savvy and need to constantly be challenged and engaged otherwise they get bored. That’s why we decided to create a bespoke app to meet the unique needs of the younger language learners. Mondly for Kids is the result of our 5-year experience in creating educational apps downloaded by 20 million people in over 190 countries to date.”

— Alexandru Iliescu, CEO, and co-founder of ATi Studios

How can the app help the non-tech savvy teachers?

If you visit Google Play and iTunes to check the reviews made by the users who downloaded the app, you’ll soon find out that the reviewers are giving all sorts of positive feedback: from their kids enjoying the app’s learning method, or the app having an amazing graphics. These are just some of the many things that make the app remarkable. 

To give you a better idea of the kind of experience that your kids can get from using Mondly for kids, here’s a list of the app’s features.

  • The app’s audio quality is superb.
  • The app has captivating sound effects.
    The app’s animation and sound effects are child-friendly, let alone appealing to the kids. This makes their learning experience more exciting.
  • The app has an incredible verb conjugator to aid the kids in learning the grammar rules of other languages.

The app also has several learning methods that your kids can go through. Mondly for kids have word games and flashcards (among other things), making the kids’ learning experience more dynamic and exciting.

iTTi has a cutting-edge young learner specialization being offered throughout the world. We have no doubts that teaching a new language in an engaged tech way can give your kids a brain boost, they can easily connect and befriend people from other countries — let alone all the benefits that come with it — you’ll surely take the time to invest in teaching your kids new languages.

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